Autumn Newsletter


The Autumn market is upon us and though things are slow and the buoyancy of pre-Brexit years are long forgotten, the market is settling.

Things that are priced sensibly (or keenly however one chooses to view it) are selling…..eventually.  Deals take longer and purchasers feel no particular sense of urgency, as they had previously.  London retains its time zone, language and cultural offerings, which underpin its status as a world business hub and that is unlikely to change.

In other news, FG Consultants has embraced social media and we now have an Instagram account of the same name.


Go and see:



El Greco to Goya:  A collection of Spanish masterpieces including El Greco’s, Goyas, Velzaquez and Murillos are at the Wallace Collection until January 7th.

Jasper Johns:  Six decades into his career the artist is still going strong at 87.  This retrospective celebrates a life spent upending the traditions of American Art.  The Royal Academy until December 10th.



Follies:  Stephen Sondheim’s bittersweet musical has received rave reviews.  Imelda Staunton is superb as Sally, a showgirl grasping at her former glory.

The Ferryman:  Jez Butterworth’s moving hit tells the story of a Northern Irish family on harvest day.  Highly recommended.



Transparent:  Season 4 of Jill Solloway’s family drama in out on Netflix now.  Touching, poignant, original and at times claustrophobic.  We’ve enjoyed it.




Oslo:  This big, engaging and demanding docudrama about the Oslo peace talks is both educational and startlingly funny.  It opens at the Harold Pinter theatre on October 2nd and runs to December 30th.