Country Purchase

We’ve often had clients ask us to find the perfect rectory in Devon, majestic manor house in Gloucestershire, coastal house in North Norfolk and more diverse listings stretching the length and breadth of our fair isle.

Finding in the country is not dissimilar to London, only harder in the ground and distances you have to cover. It is about local knowledge, first access, negotiating skills and again, as it’s so hugely important, local knowledge.

Our property philosophy at FG has always and continues to be an in-depth current knowledge of our own small patch. It’s to be a master of our area and not a ‘Jack’ of many. It’s why we’ve been reluctant to undertake country property searches previously.

Over the last few years though we’ve developed and nurtured affiliate relationships and have worked closely with different search agents across the countryside. We’ve cherry picked those with the best local knowledge and negotiating skills. They are an extension of the FG team and our practises of doing business.

We’re delighted now, as part of the FG service, to offer our knowledge and our relevant affiliates to those looking for assistance in finding their perfect country place.